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This all started back in the early 1980's. Thats when I bought my first computer, an Atari 800 with the maximum amount of memory, only 48K, at that time this computer set me back about $800.00. With this computer I spent most of my time either playing games or programming in BASIC.

About five years after buying my Atari 800, I bought an Atari 1040ST computer and not to long after that I bought a desktop publishing program called PageStream. PageStream was a really great desktop publishing program. After getting PageStream I got interested in designing fonts.

Each font for PageStream had two parts, a screen fonts that consisted of bitmaps of the characters and outline font to be used by the printer. I spent a year or two learning as much as possible about fonts.

It was now 1988 and I had designed a few nice fonts for the Atari 1040ST. I sent these fonts to a company called, Magnetic Images and they liked my fonts so much I ended up designing fonts for Magnetic Images for about two years. At that time the Atari Corporation was having problems and fonts for Atari were not selling as good as they were a year or two earlier. I left Magnetic Images and went on my own for a while.

In 1993, I realized that it was time to get an IBM PC clone and finally bought a AST 486 PC computer. Not to long after I purchased a font design program called Fontographer 3.5 and converted the fonts that I originally designed on my Atari 1040ST (FilmStrip, Decorative Borders, Marquee, Fractions and Gallya) to Type 1 and TrueType fonts. For the last two to three years I have designed over 20 original fonts. I presently use a Packard Bell Pentium 166Mhz computer with Fontographer 3.52 and 4.1 to design fonts. I also purchased another program to assist in designing fonts, Font Lab 2.5.

In April of 1996, I finished designing my web site and went online with some of my original purchaseable fonts. Then after being on the internet for about a year, I started producing original shareware fonts. In February 1998, all PC fonts were made available for Macintosh computers. Each month I will be adding a purchasable font or shareware font.

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