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These reviews will give you an idea of what other users are saying about my fonts.

"Your fonts are the best for the money!"
Marvin Leventhal, Broadview Heights, Ohio

"By the way, I want to mention, the faces are of very good quality... Keep up the excellent work! I plan to buy many more disks from you."
Tom Ness, Ferndale, Michigan

"These fonts are superb! Real works of art!"
Paul Holbrook, Stoutsville, Ohio

"All your fonts are GREAT, please keep new ones coming."
Charles C. Montgomery, Richmond, Virginia

"The font design is outstanding; many of the fonts I've ordered elsewhere (aside from having only fair to good outlines) had limited character sets, no PostScript files, and only a 12 pt. screen file, making their use rather limited. Your outline design, in fact, I found to be superior to those included with Corel Draw."
Jay Ford, Nicoma Park, Oklahoma

"Just received your font disk #1 and am really pleased with it. Enclosed is my check for your font disk #2 with Decorative Borders."
Palmer Senn, Charlotte, North Carolina

"They have the professional touch."
Joe Fatta, Dickinson, Texas

"I am quite satisfied with the quality of the typefaces and the attention that Mr. Palumbo pays to his customers. The faces are faithful renderings of classic type, easily equal to their ITC or Adobe or Compugraphic counterparts... All in all, quite a bit of punch for the price. I can highly recommend Dennis Palumbo's font products. Four Stars Plus."
Jay Ford, Editor, STix Data File, May 1990

"These fonts are outstanding! Superb! I can recommend Dennis's fonts without qualification. They are Terrific!"
Chet Walters, ST Informer, May 1990

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